In the launch of By Faith, a bi-monthly magazine celebrating the gifts and ministry of black Methodist congregations, words and experience coincide again. This new voice will serve as a forum for debating, discussing and addressing the issues facing the Black Church and its communities. While its aims and goals are lofty, its purpose is relevant and timely. Join me in welcoming a new voice in our midst-by faith!

                                                                                    *Bishop Jonathan Holston leads the Columbia Area (South Carolina Conference)​



By Faith magazine is necessary and allows for the gifts and ministry of black United Methodist churches and institutions to be celebrated. Because black lives matter, I support the advent of the magazine as an instrument for sharing the gospel and the good news of the fruits of our labors.

                                                               *Bishop Julius C. Trimble is Resident Bishop of the Lowa Area of The United Methodist Church.​

I am a product of the Black church, a church that has been a catalyst for social change in the communities where God has placed us. It is my prayer that this magazine will serve as an inspirational tool, that we may be reminded of the ancestors who have gone before us, but also as a reminder of the work that lies ahead of transforming our communities.

                                                        *Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. is President of the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church.

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